Upcoming Meetings

The 9th International HEPPA-SOLARIS meeting will to be held 16-20th September 2024 at the University of Leeds, UK. For more information see: https://events.hifis.net/e/HEPPA-SOLARIS2024

The HEPPA-SOLARIS meetings focus observational and modeling studies of the influences of solar radiation and energetic particle precipitation on the atmosphere and climate. Relevant topics include:

  • Solar irradiance and energetic particle variability at all timescales 
  • Coupling mechanisms and processes responsible for the transfer of solar responses in the atmosphere.
  • The solar surface climate impact and decadal predictability and the methodological analysis.
  • Tools for Assessing Solar and Particle Influences, Including Measurements, Models, and Techniques

For this meeting, we encourage presentations that discuss the specification of irradiance and particle forcing for Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 7 (CMIP7) and the response to this forcing in earth system models. The meeting will also host in-person meetings of the HEPPA-SOLARIS working groups (https://solarisheppa.geomar.de/workinggroups).

All interested members of the science community are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting. Further information regarding registration and abstract submission deadlines will be released shortly.  



Daniel Marsh (Chair)

Scott Bailey

Bernd Funke

Margit Haberreiter

Wenjuan Huo

Doug Kinnison

Hilde Nesse Tyssøy

Craig Rodger

Gavin Schmidt

Miriam Sinnhuber

Pekka Verronen

Margit Haberreiter