Recent Publications (2010 or newer)

This is a collection of solar studies, papers and conference contributions from and related to the SOLARIS-HEPPA activity. Please send us your newest paper to be included in this collection. Although we try to have a complete list, we do not claim full completeness.

Please also note that from 2010 onwards only selected papers are presented here.


Funke, B., Dudok de Wit, T., Ermolli, I., Haberreiter, M., Kinnison, D., Marsh, D., Nesse, H., Seppälä, A., Sinnhuber, M., and Usoskin, I.: Towards the definition of a solar forcing dataset for CMIP7, Geosci. Model Dev....Read more

Older Publications


Austin, J., K. Tourpali, E. Rozanov, H. Akiyoshi, S. Bekki, G. Bodeker, C. Br ühl, N. Butchart, M. Chipperfield, M. Deushi, V.I. Fomichev, M.A. Giorgetta , L. Gray, K. Kodera, D. Kinnison, E. Manzini, D. Marsh, K. Matthes, T. Nagashim a, K. Shibata, R.S. Stolarski, H. Struthers, W. Tian (2008), Coupled chemistry c limate model simulations of the solar cycle in ozone and temperature, J. Geophys . Res., 113, in press.

Austin, J. , L.L. Hood, and B.E. Soukharev (2007), Solar cycle variations of stratospheric ozone and temperature in simulations of a coupled chemistry-climate...Read more

Data Requirements

A detailed document describing the data requirements will follow soon. In the meantime contact us directly via our Contact page.Read more

Workshop Summaries

This page summarizes all SOLARISHEPPA related workshops. For a list of all past meetings related to SOLARISHEPPA please see past meetings page

2014 an newer

Currently no summary documents are available from the most recent workshops. Please refer to the "Past Meetings" page for past SOLARISHEPPA related meetings and workshops


SolarMIP workshop (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece from 29-30 October, 2013)...Read more