November 6-9, 2017: SOLARIS-HEPPA working group meeting, Paris, France (website with further announcements available soon)

August/September 2017: IAPSO-IAMAS-IAGA scientific assembly, 27 August – 1 September 2017, Cape Town, South Africa, SOLARIS-HEPPA related sessions:

  1. Session JA4 - Solar Related Variability of the Atmosphere
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RAISE/SOLARIS-HEPPA Meeting Nov 3-6 2015

This is the first announcement of the upcoming SPARC SOLARIS-HEPPA working group meeting to be held on November 3-6th, 2015 in Boulder in conjunction with the RAISE project meeting. Meeting dates will be Tuesday, 3 November for RAISE, and Wed-Fri, 4-6 November for HEPPA-SOLARIS. Topics to be addressed at the SOLARIS-HEPPA working group meeting will include:

  1. Coordination of CCMI analysis: evaluation of solar signals in CCMI (and related) hindcast simulations and satellite observations including the assessment of analysis tools,
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