23.04.2017: Don't miss the arcticle by Matthes et al. (2017) zu "Update on SOLARIS-HEPPA Activities: New Working Groups", SPARC Newsletter No. 48, January 2017, see also http://solarisheppa.geomar.de/workinggroups

03.01.2017: CMIP6 forcing data: New files of version 3.2 uploaded (only new filenames and attributes, no data changes)

24.06.2016: CMIP6 forcing data: New version 3.2 of all forcing files and bug fix in NOy UBC model (new version=1.3)

22.06.2016: Interesting AGU session announced

20.01.2016: New meetings for 2016 are listed

13.07.2015RAISE/SOLARIS-HEPPA Meeting Nov 3 - 6, 2015, Boulder, Colorado. For details see http://solarisheppa.geomar.de/boulder2015

06.11.2014: Conference on Sun-Climate Connections(16-19 March 2015) in Kiel, Germany.
This international conference will provide an overview of our current understanding of Sun-Climate Connections starting at processes on the Sun itself over space weather and solar wind towards solar influence on the upper atmosphere down to the ocean. It will also provide insights into the heatedly debated role of the Sun in climate change. In four sessions the various contributions of solar variability influence on Earth’s climate will be presented and discussed by bringing together solar physicists, space scientists, atmospheric scientists, climate modellers, and paleoclimatologists. Abstract submission is now open and closes January 12th! More information can be found at http://scc.geomar.de

22.04.2014: Fixed bug in Solar Proton Flux dataset (missing data in 2012 caused read error).

10.01.2014: New meetings for 2014 added. See Upcoming Meetings

28.11.2013: The new SOLARISHEPPA webpage is online (replacing the old SOLARIS and HEPPA pages)

29.10.2013: Daily spectrally resolved EUV data 1950-2012 now available. See CCMI recommendations

14.10.2013: Added SATIRE daily SSI and TSI data, historical daily NRLSSI data, EUV data beyond 2006 will be available as soon as possible. For more information on the data read CCMI recommendations